Sore throat. Argh. Not. Pleased.


Posted on March 2, 2007, in Life in General, Sydney. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. prolly too much milk.XD

    hope you get better soon! your short story comes out this March right? be looking forward to it.

    Godspeed =)

  2. Get well soon Swordie! 😀 Is the weather getting cooler over there? Sydney’s weather is the opposite of what we have here right? 😀

  3. *glares daggers at suoh*

    Hahaha, I think I’m just reacting to the dry heat here. Yep, story comes out on March. Thanks!

    Thanks, Fangli! The weather *should* be getting cooler, but it’s not doing it’s job. 😦

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