The worst kind of weather is the kind that can’t make up its mind. Like now. It just went from muggy humidity to breezy in less time than it took me to log into WordPress. Then it’ll rain for ten minutes then disappear again, I’m betting. Sky is far from pretty and I need a shot of caffeine from the fridge, but the cola I got from Woolworth’s isn’t cold enough yet.

(I need that 1.25 liters of bubbling blackness in a bottle. NOW. Before it’s too late and it ruins my appetite for dinner.)

Daylight Savings Time for Australia ends on Sunday morning, 2 AM. Gonna reclaim an hour of my life.

I can’t seem to focus on getting through school work. Head’s all over the place, can’t logic things. Must be slightly what being medicated feels like. Argh. Need to get things done.

Sky is heavy, oppressing, except for that tiny patch of blue.


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