More good news

Whew. It’s been a freak year, 2007.

I’ve just been informed that a poem of mine that I had sent to be published in the University of New South Wales’s (where I studied in Sydney) literary journal, Unsweetened, has just won first prize in the postgraduate poetry category. With it comes a bookstore voucher worth 400 Australian dollars…which I can’t use, of course, because I’m working in Hong Kong now, so I’m having it posted to a friend in Sydney while I figure out what to do with it. But still, the news has made me extremely happy. ^_^ The issue was launched last night in UNSW, and with it the announcement. The judges were a literary reviewer from the Sydney Morning Herald and a professor in UNSW, and the professor even gave a little talk about my poem as well. Really cool. I wish I had been there. Certainly no one’s ever really given a talk about anything I’ve written, LOL.

Wow. Thanking the Big Guy upstairs so much for the Palanca and this.

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  1. Congratulations for the terrific break and hang on to this sweet memory for all the times ahead when the pen is writhing, trying to get out of your hand and the page in front of you refuses to permit a single decent syllable…

    I envy that $400 worth of books you’ve won…but not the decisions you’ll have to make, what to leave, what to buy…

  2. Wow, I need to read that poem of yours. Double congrats!

  3. In behalf of the staff of Hot Steamy Rice, I’d like to extend my warmest congratulations to your steamy success!

    I’d spend it all on TokyoPop’s. LOL

    Oh wait, I don’t have a staff..

  4. Hi, Cliff, thanks very much for visiting my blog, and for your congratulations. =)

    Hey Ia! Thanks so much! I’ll email it to you if you’re interested. ^_^

    Chris! Haha, long time no see, pare! And please forward my gratitude to your staff! XDDD

  5. Wow, congratulations! First the Palanca, and now this 😀 I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work published and awarded. 😉

  6. Hey Mia, long time no see! Thanks!

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