Nearly through a week of actual teaching in the high school. I think it’s adrenaline that’s keeping me alive until I sit down and it disappears then I feel more tired than I thought I was. Funny, I’ve still got a lot of energy to come home to prepare dinner and all, but after the first leaning against propped up pillows for a bit of TV, everything just goes. It’s like I’m on autopilot, survival mode during the day when I’m working…after dinner, every bone just goes with no preamble. Monday is my deadliest day – six periods, with four periods straight. And I have to do supervision duty. And I leave the office near six because I’ve still got work to finish there.

I’m not bored, at least. And it doesn’t have to be as intellectually challenging as doing postgraduate research (or doing the senior forms, haha). It’s just a question of where to find enough sugar to keep me going. Tea isn’t working that much; heart pumps a bit faster but that’s pretty much it, I’m still as sluggish. All this working and self-prepared food is going to really burn off what I gained in Sydney.

One thing that has improved though: my sleeping habits. Lights should be out between 11:30pm – 12am for me to be able to get up early next morning. This job is taming me, that’s for sure. All grown up now, unfortunately.

Funny, one of my students handed his homework in using the back of his father’s bank statements.


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