Books and More (Books, Of Course)

I met up with Chichi on Saturday at Central, walked around SoHo and had brunch at the Brunch Club at Peel Street (great eggs benedict!). Then she showed me around her place and told me to get any of her read books in her shelf for myself – she’s gonna get rid of them because she hasn’t touched them since Sydney and she probably wouldn’t ever. XDD So awesome.

So I got Mario Puzo (The Godfather, The Last Don, Omerta…all in nearly-new condition),  James Patterson (Along Came a Spider), Thomas Keneally (Schindler’s List),  John Irving (The World According to Garp), Peter Hoeg (Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow), and Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman’s Death Gate series.

On Sunday Nell and I went around Central again and I discovered a tiny, indie second-hand bookshop at a tiny slit of space in Lan Kwai Fong. Lovely place called Muse with armchairs and coffee, sells rare books at half the price of what big bookstores sell for mainstream books. And I can just email them if I want a particular book and they’ll keep an eye for it. Excellent place for books and browsing. I got Salley Vickers’ Mr. Golightly’s Holiday and James Runcie’s The Discovery of Chocolate. Great condition, all of them. I’m definitely dropping by again.

And Nell bought me stuff from Japan: chocolate and pastries. And my parents are bringing Filipino snacks for me when they come over. Yumm. A well-stocked larder is a happy home.


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