The Slim Finn

Laid down my old Nokia 7650 after four years, with a temperamental OS, sticky keys, and massively scratched surface, and bought myself a new phone, the Nokia 6300.

Nicknamed the Slim Finn, it’s a sleek, lean and yet sturdy mobile with great basic features and no bells and whistles. Half of the body’s made of aluminum, which makes it cool to the touch and gives it a very solid heft despite its lightness (it’s 60 grams lighter than my previous phone). Keypad’s great, very ergonomic. It’s only tri-band and 2G, so Internet browsing scores really low, but then I don’t use the Internet there anyway, and the rest of its call-text-music features are very powerful. The S40 OS may not be as fancy as the S60, but it’s extremely fast and responsiveness, no lag anywhere. Nothing creaks on this little guy. Great design, hardware, and software. And have I mentioned that it’s a real looker?


Posted on January 14, 2008, in Hong Kong, Life in General. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. you sound like an ad…:D

    The phone’s pretty sweet though. My dad have the same model and I occasionally play around with it (themes!!!). Too bad it does not have the flashlight feature, or I would have replaced my old phone with this one.

  2. one of my dreamphones…lucky you…XD how much did it cost? they sell it at 5000php here…though, there’s a big chance that is a refurbished one…lol

  3. Everyone’s more gah-gah about the iPhone over here. Me, I want one of those CODECs like Solid Snake.

    Isn’t that screen like huge? (Oh, right, there’s an actual mobile games industry over there, that explains it.)

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