Good Day

1. Sign copyright clearance form for Casula Powerhouse.

2. Get leave from work.

3. Get a tourist visa for Australia.

4. Get air ticket.

Work today was really good. My Year 7s have gone to Orlando, Florida for World Classrooom. Taught past simple vs past continuous to the Year 8s – and they showed a real interest in it! In tenses, for heaven’s sake. They asked intelligent questions about the past continuous (e.g. “Could you switch the order of the simple and continuous when you combine them in a sentence?”) and were really into the textbook exercises. The sky must be falling.

Continued the lesson on summaries with the Year 9s, which went really well too. Could have heard a pin drop when they were doing the summary exercises paragraph by paragraph; they were scribbling away like mad. Must have been something in the cafeteria food. Incredible. It’s been a really good day.

Now back to American Idol 7.


Posted on February 21, 2008, in Hong Kong, Sydney, Work. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. You’re a marvelous teacher – being able to change a group of wouldn’t care-less students to really hardworking, interested ones. Bravo to you and all great teachers – the diligent, determined, inspiring, committed and creative mentors!

  2. Hi, Crystal. Please do update me if you ever get to Australia to attend the Sydney Festival. I’ll make the announcement on the PGS blog and link to your post asap. TY!

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