I Heard a Joke

At some point, I would have to bring this up.

Is it just me, or is the Edison Chen scandal the most hilarious thing that has happened in Hong Kong for the longest time?

Mainstream Hong Kong society obviously doesn’t find any hilarity in it, though. The story has been on the papers for weeks already; it’s gotten every moralist and sociologist in this city feverish with all sorts of grave theories about it, especially since it’s a “role model” corrupting the youth.

Good grief. When was a pop star supposed to be a role model? I know from experience that Hong Kong is all been-there-done-that when it comes to the most cutting-edge business or technological advancement, but God help us, I think the city’s been living under a rock as far as any common sense about people as people is concerned. I can’t understand what all the fuss is about; everyone’s so excited about it, as if Mr. Chen has just recently become Hong Kong’s First Playboy. Shock and awe! There are such things after all.

Of course, he’s made a public statement saying that’s he’s quitting the entertainment industry for the moment and going away to find some healing. Healing from what, hey? A fitting end, and I’m glad it’s dying down. Go to Hollywood, little grasshopper, and see what the real world’s like.


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  1. Yes, I was confused about what little I heard about over here in Canuckistan, which he apparently has some connection to. Racy pictures? Uh, Paris Hilton? Britney? This is bad how? Since when were movie/pop stars role models? I thought Madonna killed that years ago?

  2. some 1300 private shots eh?


    that’s A LOT of photos… XD

  3. ne, swordee… if you have time, why don’t you come back…

    hehehe i just learned about this. zygreal (aka lecimme) pm’d me. it’s not a very active forum though. but some of the oldies are still there. hope to see you there too! ^_____^

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