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I spent the whole afternoon reading Castle Waiting, the hardcover collection of the comic series. Very funny, confident, entertaining, and dare I say refreshingly conservative. Basic storytelling, that elemental gut feel of a fairy tale. The characters are so deliciously fleshed out in detail, the dialogue intelligent and relevant. A worthy read.

Finished The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare by G.K. Chesterton the other day. Bloody brilliant book. Anarchy and order, light and shadows, God and the devil, all with a very deft touch of levity and wit. A surreal book on metaphysics that has me laughing-from-the-gut-out-loud every 15 minutes – when does that ever happen? Elephants and hot-air balloons and duels and trains to Paris. Brilliant. Though in the last chapter, much like his contemporary C.S. Lewis’ style, Chesterton gets into full allegorical mode and “explains everything,” if not a bit heavy-handedly, via¬† Disembodied Supreme Voice in the Dark In Conversation With Enlightened Mortal. Like God and Job. I don’t mind the explain-in-one-big-chunk style at the end; a thriller is a thriller is a thriller and you leave the Here’s-How-It-Happened to the end, of course. It’s the heavy-handedness of the Disembodied Voice and the Enlightened Voice that irks me a bit. But just a bit. Overall I lapped up the entire book. You decide. A full e-text is available.

I attempted to be healthy yesterday. Tried to do push-ups (failed…at least a proper one anyway) and went jogging at the park for around 45 minutes. Result: arms sore, ribs sore, abs sore, legs sore, but at least I tried.


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  1. hello, swordee!

    happy birthday!

    God bless you always!


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