Written on the 16th of April

We all came into the world in the same way: screaming, wet, eyes shut in defiance, unwilling to be yanked out of the dark cave and thrusted into the arms of strangers and the blinding light of uncertainty. And why indeed should we welcome it? The light is ominous of the frightening clarity of dawn, the cold sombre brilliance of realization that something has gone wrong, the icy taste of suggestion to cross the road and close our eyes and pretend we don’t see the lorry coming.

Suddenly that dark cave becomes so comfortable and so far removed from the pangs of choices made. It absolves us of responsibility; it leaves us to our desire to merely be. But alas we can never return. Nature has set time against our backs. We all left the cave in the same manner, and there are only our deaths to make the difference.


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