Scenes From Work

For anyone who’s ever wondered what I had gone to every weekday at 8 in the morning at YCIS Secondary for the past year.

My work desk at the staff office on the 8th floor.

The hallways at 8:30AM after form time when the students go for their classes.

My Year 8C English class, a…challenging bunch, haha. Click on it for a larger size.

My 9B English class (that’s not all of them, though. I took this on the last day of class and a third of them had already gone from school.) An intelligent bunch. Click for the larger picture.

My 7C English class, the fun bunch. Though they look a bit solemn here because this was just after I managed to calm them down after the boys did the whole “Ew, cooties!” act while the girls rolled their eyes, lol. Click again.

On the last day of class, my 7C students wrote me little messages on the board. That’s not even all of them; I ran out of batteries before I could take any more pictures. Click if you want to read some of them (and find a very glaring grammatical mistake.)

On that last day, I asked 7C two questions about my English class: “Did you learn something this year?” and “Did you have fun along the way?”

Two big yells of “YESSSS!”

I had to smile. “Then my work here is done.”

Haha, my friends always made fun of the way I always called all my students “my kids.” (Well, it’s certainly much shorter.) But you spend one year with these people and you get quite fond of them at some point, however grudgingly. And in the end when one of the boys in your class pipes up and says he thinks you’re the best teacher in the school…well, you can’t help but feel that you had a good run with the kids this year. =)


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