Eat, Drink, Be Merry

This summer will prove to be an eclectic one. Mid-July, Jane, whom I haven’t seen for 2 years, is coming from BJ to HK for a month to visit me (and this I only found out today). Get ready to behold an insanity that can only be borne from a friendship forged in the sulfurs of Beijing. Then end of July, going home to Manila and will meet the usual culprits (Karen + Steph, check; Ressie + gang, check; Jo + gang, check; Jason + Charlene + whoever’s free, check…Tin’s the only one left I need to advance-book with). Mid-August I’m planning to hie off to the Czech Republic and Hungary, where I’ll be crashing at Gyongyi’s place (hope I get the visa). Then by  the end of August I’ll be back for my new job.

Why all this hedonism? Because these two months are going to be the last summer holidays I’m going to get for the next two years; my new teaching job doesn’t give extended vacations. Just the usual work calendar and annual leave. My Mardi Gras before Lent, if you will. If I don’t enjoy them now, I’ll have two years to regret it.

So enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! And on top of that I have been requested to write a story for PGS‘s crime issue, and to write that play Haruka (no, wait, Mrs. Ashida-Ostley!) wants to direct for her theatre group in Hong Kong (“Wendy” in lights in the Fringe Club…well, one can always hope. Rather desperately. Esperanzaaaaaaaa.)

I don’t think I have even been so decided to enjoy something that hasn’t even happened yet. Carpe that diem over there and all that. It’s nearly hysterical.


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