Circle of Life

Autumn’s coming, it’s finally cooling down. Woot. Hiking season!

Feeling like a ton of lead right now. Thursday night I was drafting The Foundling for the third time, which we’re hoping will see production early next year if all goes well, till I was yawning and rubbing my eyes. I did six hours of lectures today (Friday, though I know it’s past midnight now) and afterwards rushed down to TST where I grabbed something at McDonald’s before going to worship rehearsal – I play guitar at St. Andrew’s on Sundays. Then rushed back to Festival Walk to buy a litre of milk at the supermarket; you’d think that at 10pm there wouldn’t be people crowding up the cashier lines as if it’s 6:30pm on a Wednesday, and you’d be wrong. What I do for a litre of milk. Raining too; they say it’s gonna storm again soon. 

But work hard, play even harder. Weekend starts right now (past midnight Saturday). Woot. Snooze time. Ten hours later I’ll be waking up to a lazy Saturday breakfast with bits of jazz and my litre of milk. Finally, a Saturday where I don’t have to do a lick of work in my capacity as a lecturer! (Last Saturday I had to type up a feedback form and compose a test; the Saturday before that I had to don the hood and gown and attend  a graduation ceremony. My eyes were glazing when they started to take photographs.)

Then two days later we’ll do it all over again.

You know the funny thing about it? I don’t mind at all.


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