Es Sabado!

I understand completely why God rested on a Saturday. There’s nothing like waking up late on Saturday morning in autumn. I’m usually bone tired from work, and with the term papers coming in around this month and the next, I’ll be up in my elbows with the bloodbath of marking. Carpe Saturday!

The other day I read one of the novels I bought in Prague, The Golem, written 1914 by Gustav Meyrink, who’s someone like the Edgar Allan Poe of Austria in terms of his contribution to gothic literature . Very dreamlike feel, starts out without giving you any obliging exposition as to what to expect at all, the writing very fragmentary (it was originally written in German and I found the full-text of Der Golem, and it’s just as fragmentary. I wonder why I was thinking otherwise.)  In any case, I was expecting that it was going to be a turn-of-the-century fantasy-thriller involving the mythical golem; turned out to be more of a psychological study than anything else, with the golem itself making only a few rare appearances and symbolizing the city of Prague itself (the blurb at the back was so not helpful). So I was rather confused at the first few chapters, especially since the protagonist is a fellow who had lost his memory, and all you know is that he’s Austrian living in the Jewish Quarter of Prague during the Austria-Hungarian empire, which is a milieu that’s unfamiliar enough for me. (Well, to start with, I thought he was Czech, and it turns out he wasn’t, which completely reshuffled his context. Of course when you have a protagonist who had lost memory, you have to keep guessing with him just who he is.) Good book, though, and the excitement did start to build up when he found the underground staircase, and the ending was like a good cheesecake at the end of dinner.

Anyway. And Hong Kong’s finally selling the paperback of Sophie Kinsella’s Remember Me. Lightweight chick-lit galore! How very unfitting for me, but I’m a Sophie Kinsella fan (there goes one of my dark secrets skittering over the carpet), and truly, she’s the only chick-lit author I’ve ever read. XD I do insist on that.

The Vesturport Theatre of Iceland is coming here for the 39th Hong Kong Arts Festival and they’re staging their production of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis from February 19 – 21, 2009. I am so looking forward to that. I have to get tickets as soon as I get to TST.

And now I’ve got to get some writing done.


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