Bone to Pick

I’m spending my Saturday afternoon marking term essays, augh. Anyway, I took a 15-minute break and decided to read a copy of last week’s HK Magazine that I picked up from LKF when I was there with Joy.

Generally I’m content with what HK Magazine has to offer. To start with, it’s free, and it’s got opinions, classifieds, places to go, concerts to watch, reviews, and news articles of the local scene with an expat approach to it (I don’t mind the expat approach. I’ve got enough of the local from my job anyway.)

But what eventually turns me off about it (and gets me posting here) is the overall snarky tone throughout the magazine. In fact, the shorter the article the snarkier, and that’s largely what HK Mag is made of, anyway: bits. (Welcome to the skimming world of the Internet generation.) I don’t mind snarky; I love snarky in a place say like ONTD!, which makes for great stress relief in marking hell. But given the content of a site like ONTD!, it has readers that’s mostly located in university students and the early twenties, which makes the snarkiness very appropriate, if not expected. On the other hand, you can tell from the price ranges in its ads that the HK Mag readers are expats who are supposed to be loaded, i.e. earning big bucks, i.e. canNOT be just yuppies starting out. I.e. The older Lan Kwai Fong crowd. The tweeny snarkiness just seems really uncalled for in that context, and it gets especially distracting when the article is talking about the HK government’s policies in crisis management.

(And don’t get me started about Muse Magazine either. But to be fair, I’ll say this much: at least they’re trying. Perhaps too hard.)

Or maybe I just shouldn’t expect so much from HK Mag. It’s largely made up of reviews of things to watch and places to go and flavor-of-the-week tidbits about the goings-on in HK anyway. And all the ads make it free, let’s not forget that – the biggest disclaimer one can make in a hyper-capitalist society like HK. I suppose a yuppie fogey like me can just be told off to read the South China Morning Post or something. Can’t believe I actually read The Standard and/or the SCMP every single day last year; I’m really falling behind current events right now.

I’m also falling behind my marking right now.


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