An Excuse for a Post

Work gets cancelled (hence adding to the hours you need to make up for) because of the typhoon signal and you go back home irritated but at least high and dry because there’s barely a drizzle. After the signal lowers and you return to work, you wonder what an umbrella is really for because you got drenched anyway.

(It’s got the workings of a “Funny thing, life” post in it but it’s not going that way. Funny how we use the word funny for something that isn’t necessarily so. Good way to euphemize the irritation but not very accurate in meaning. Neither is the word “euphemize,” which is not one, apparently, according to the squiggly red line in the WordPress ADD NEW POST text area.)

No, this is my attempt to show that this blog has some semblance of being alive by sheer dint of writing anything. When you login to WordPress and everything looks different…well, you know how it goes. Yes, I have been busy (and this blog has every right to be jealous of my Twitter account) mostly because there has been work done, writing completed, meetings attended, trips made, books read, and people seen. (Hopefully there will be more of that later. And yes, I also feel like my virtual presence has mostly been answered for by Twitter. This is why I cannot be bothered to sign up for Facebook. Boys, boys, one at a time, please.)

An update on current causes for celebration on the writing front:

1. “The Man on the Moon” will be published in the anthology The Dragon and the Stars by DAW Books in 2010.

2. “The Startbox” will be published in RocketKapre’s Usok 1 next month.

3. “Wildwater” will be published in The Farthest Shore. Voila the cover art.

4. Haruka and I are planning for the new play / film, The Pink Elephant. I’m not doing the playwrighting this time like what we did in The Foundling; we’re just basing it on a short story I had already written. Haruka has big plans if it’s turned into a film. She’s thinking Cannes. I’m thinking down the more realistic road towards the Hong Kong Film Festival. But if it weren’t for Haruka’s more daring way of thinking, we’d never have done the first play in the first place. So Cannes it is.

5. I’ve been invited to join a podcast by

There is 24% remaining in my laptop battery and it is 1:30AM in the morning. Thank goodness I have a late class for Wednesday morning. But not late enough.

Next time we’ll have a real post. Somewhat. It feels good to write more than 140 characters.


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  1. Congrats (on the accomplished projects) and good luck with the upcoming ones.

    Ooooh, podcast. Looking forward to it!

  2. :x, Cannes!

    Congrats on everything! :), glad to see your journal updated. Miss you already especially since we haven’t chatted much lately.

  3. …o.O…pardon the emoticon. Didn’t know it was going to make that face. heh.

  4. oooooh Cannes,
    do ordinary people get the chance to watch the film?
    Good luck in making it, i’m sure it’ll be fabulous.


  5. You bloggied!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep it rolling.

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