The Time I Painted Skagway

(Forgive me. I’ve been trawling some old stuff of mine.)

I used to muck around with Photoshop and the like when I was still an undegrad student (i.e. when I still had time). My family and I went to Alaska in 2005, and one of our ports was Skagway. I liked how the port area looked, so I took a picture with my cellphone, flew home, and promptly forgot about it. Until some weeks later when I got into my mucking-around routine again and used Photoshop 7 and a mouse to paint my very first (and only) digital landscape…well, painting. Click to enlarge, mes amis.


Posted on February 5, 2010, in Life in General, Travel. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. miss your artworks. when was the last time you used your pen for sketches instead of writing stories?

    just saying hello to an old friend…:)

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