Too Much Music?

If there is even such a thing. But the jazz band is taking up a lot of everything right now.  The other night I went to sleep with the guitar solo I’m doing for a song earwormed right in. I have four left fingers that have almost no fingerprints.  Then add the fatigue of traveling to TST every Saturday with the rabid crowds in the MTR while carrying my electric for our three-hour rehearsals. Then add the return journey home.

Picture that, then picture me loving it. My learning curve hasn’t been this high since I first picked up the guitar – you have to reach a certain standard before you can slip into the relaxed, freestyling mode that jazz is known for.  And my electric plays like a dream, especially on the big amps during rehearsal. Tweak the controls a bit and this solid-body of mine could almost sound like an archtop.

My concern is I’m getting less writing done. Headspace is stuffed with jazz licks, and time, well…there’s something about playing the guitar that makes the hours go so quickly. Practice, by its nature, takes a hella lot of time (we can’t all be like him overnight. Or even close.) And once you run into a familiar song in Grooveshark and  start riffing to it – gone. Meanwhile, the writing has taken the backseat and fallen asleep. I’m also in the middle of trying out a change in writing styles and still trying to get comfortable with it, so publication progress is SLOW. Like 40 beats on the metronome. Like crazy largo.

Will make more time for writing very soon because publication drought is never good for morale, even if it’s largely my fault. In the meantime, I’m going to try to at least finish a story I’m in the middle of in the next few days.

Yes, it’s about a guitar.

(Book currently being read, aside from Complete Course in Jazz Guitar, Jazz Rhythm Guitar: A Systemic Approach To Chord Progressions, Beginning Jazz Guitar, and scores from a Hal Leonard Jazz Standards: Jonathan Carroll’s Outside the Dog Museum.)


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