Philippine Genre Stories: Crime & Philippine Speculative Fiction 6 LAUNCHED

(The last of my backlogged topics to blog about. In celebration of this, I shall henceforth use exclamation marks in flagrant excess.)

May 28, 2011! Fully Booked, Serendra! Two publications I’m in!

Photos: RocketKapre, RocketKapre’s Flickr page, Kyu’s, Eliza’s blog, The World SF News Blog!

Videos: RocketKapre!

Related write-ups: Philippine Online Chronicles, Kyu’s blog, RocketKapre!

Reviews: Jason Lim’s blog (PGS), Philippine Online Chronicles: Metakritiko (PGS), EK’s blog (PSF6)!

(With corresponding Twitter feeds or blogs or Wikipedia pages or, as last resort, Facebook profiles!) PGS Publisher: Kenneth Yu (a.k.a Kyu)! Editor: F.H. Batacan! Contributors: Xin Mei, Maryanne Moll, Dominique Cimafranca, Me, Alexander Osias!

PSF6 Publisher: Dean Alfar! Editors: Nikki Alfar & Kate Aton-Osias! Contributors: Ian Rosales Casocot, Eliza Victoria, Andrew Drilon, Arlynn Despi, John Phillip Corpuz, Vincent Michael Simbulan, Francis Gabriel Concepcion, Jay Steven Anyong, Alexander Osias, Charles Tan,  Maria Elena Paterno, Dean Alfar, Kenneth Yu (a.k.a. Kyu), Elyss Punsalan, Christine V. Lao, Joseph Anthony Montecillo, Me, Maria Pia V. Benosa, Andrei Tupaz, Victor Fernando R. Ocampo, Paolo Chikiamco, Asterio Enrico N. Gutierrez!

PSF7 Submission Guidelines!

(And I am done shouting. There is simply too much drama. In researching for this post, I ran into a malicious Java applet, which my antivirus promptly quarantined, and nearly had this post eaten up by WordPress.)

(Photo by Kyu, uploaded by Charles)


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  1. tin@marikina

    Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Pleasure to meet you at the launch.

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