Kindle and PSF7

Guess who got a Kindle! (Finally. I don’t know why it took me this long.) It’s a Touch and I got it for a really good price from the Wan Chai Computer Centre. (Yes, from an authorized reseller. Wan Chai is losing its notoriety and going all legit.) This thing is brilliant.

And right on time for the release of Philippine Speculative Fiction 7, which includes my story “The Likeness of God”! It’s on Amazon right now and will be available in other venues soon. Congratulations to everyone and thanks again to Kate and Alex Osias!

Excerpt from “The Likeness of God”:

Aaat murmurs that my madness is a bigger hindrance than he had expected; he regrets not having approached me with greater care. When Maat asks me if I’m frightened about getting lost again on the road, her smugness makes me sick of the entire business and I don’t answer. But I can’t resist watching her walk to the car and lean against the hood, licking the corners of her dry lips while she crosses one slender leg over the other. She catches my gaze and pats the door of the truck, coaxing me to come over and be reasonable.

I bristle at her ridiculous superiority but the heat is unbearable. I return to the car, start the engine, and pull out of the bar. I tell them we’re going back home. A look of defeat crosses Aaat’s face and Maat consoles him, saying they can always find a more competent guide to take them to the Godmen. I beat the steering wheel with my palm and shout I’m the Godman they want and the two of them fall into whispers between themselves.

In other news, Philippine Speculative Fiction 6,which includes my story “Hollowbody”, has been nominated for the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards! Come and vote!


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