My story in Shanghai Steam!!

And now, months after the initial squeeing and blowing of minds, I can finally announce that my story “The Master and the Guest” has been accepted for publication in the Shanghai Steam anthology! Much thanks to editors Ace Jordyn, Calvin D. Jim and Renee Bennett! Absolute X-Press, an imprint of Hades Publications, is publishing it. Voila the beautiful cover art by James Ng. It makes me want to change my blog background into something velvety and red just to match it.

Official blurb (in which it is awesome to have your story get a shout out already):

From ancient China to a future Mars, from the British Empire to the Old West, 19 authors show you worlds with alcohol-fuelled dragons, philosophical automatons, and Qi-powered machines both wondrous and strange in tales of vengeance, paper lantern revolutions and flying monks.

Shanghai Steam is a unique mashup of steampunk and the Chinese literary genre known as Wuxia (loosely translated as martial hero).

Table of Contents:

The Fivefold Proverbs of Zhen Xiaquan – Tim Ford

Qin Yun’s Mechanical Dragon and the Cricket Spies – Amanda Clark

Moon-Flame Woman – Laurel Anne Hill

Love and Rockets at the Siege of Peking – K. H. Vaughan

The Master and the Guest – Crystal Koo

Ming Jie and the Coffee Maker of Doom – Brent Nichols

A Hero Faces the Celestial Empire; A Death by Fire is Avenged by Water – Julia A. Rosenthal

Riding the Wind  – William H. Keith

Mistress of the Pearl Dragon – Shen Braun

Song of My Heart – Jennifer Rahn

Last Flight of the Lóng Qíshì  –Emily Mah

Protection from Assassins – Frances Pauli

Seeds of the Lotus – Camille Alexa

The Ability of Lightness – Tim Reynolds

Fire in the Sky – Ray Dean

The Legend of Wong Heng Li  – Frank Larnerd

Flying Devils – Derwin Mak

Legend of the Secret Masterpiece  – Nick Tramdack

Jing Ke Before the Principle of Order  – Minsoo Kang


Official release is in the World Fantasy Convention, from 1-4 November 2012 in Toronto. The e-book will be available on October 2012 (E-ISBN: 978-1-77053-023-2) for Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iPad, and Sony Reader. Multi-formats will be available in Smashwords as well. The print book (ISBN: 978-1-77053-022-5) will be a trade paperback. Prices still TBA. The official catalog page from the publisher is here.

I’m still jetlagged right now from my Vancouver-Montreal-Quebec-and-all-the-way-back trip (more on that later on separate posts) but insert more jetlagged squeeing here and more info and plugging later!

UPDATE: Ray Dean, one of the authors included in the anthology, has made it easier for the authors to privately contact each other and keep each other updated of individual promotion schedules, and on top of that has created a Facebook page for Shanghai Steam as well. Take a look!


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  1. Congrats!! Looking forward to reading your story in the anthology 😀

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