So aside from band practice and watching Russell Peters live on his Notorious tour this weekend, I’ve created a new blog on the address I’ve been sitting on for a while now.

I’ve migrated everything there: all posts and pages from here, the media library, comments, archives, categories, tags, everything except the subscribers (which I might be asking the WordPress staff to help with) and the stats and the Likes (which can’t be moved). Spankin’ new blog is a bit cleaner, more minimalist, and carries a more professional variation of my name. 😉

I’m still definitely keeping this blog, which I’ve grown very fond of after 6 years, but I won’t be updating it. So change your subscriptions and bookmarks and RSS feeds and head over to the new blog! I’ll see you there!

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  1. Such good procrastination (I have exams in a week . . .)!nPredictably, I also discovered I had no life . . . I tallied up 120 movies. I think w Click

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