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How I Spent My Mid-autumn Festival

Summary: stuffing my face.

Friday after work, Daisy and Stan and I headed to Tsim Sha Tsui for dinner at Applegreen (I totally recommend their grilled sausage platter and their mushroom spaghetti), drinks at the usual 8 Fine Irishmen, then dessert at Sweet Tooth, a new breakfast and dessert place in Carnarvon Road, which had the poster below and which made me grin because I have it in my flat too (also, a killer mango cheung fun).

From Holstee

Saturday, I lazed around the flat (the most productive thing I did was take out the trash) and watched Magic Mike with my friend Melissa. Yes, I am going to put the poster up here because it was a very entertaining movie. Yes, I am totally going there.

From ImpAwards

Sunday, the actual festival day, we had hotpot at Theresa’s flat and the following happened:

Monday (public holiday because of National Day!) Nell was here from Manila, and we went to Mui Kee to continue the stuffing of faces with shrimp deep fried in salted egg,¬† lamb pot, and eggplant and minced pork, then a return trip to Sweet Tooth. Then we spent the rest of the day in Gabe and Haruka’s house and played with baby Ren, and now I smell like a baby.

Tomorrow (still a public holiday!), I’m joining a band session in Wan Chai with some friends who want to do a recording or two, then Ted with Melissa and Joyce.

Then it’s back to work. asdlkjasdjhkajsd. Unreal concept after a long weekend like this.

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